SPYCH is an Insights & Intelligence agency that fundamentally believes in evolving the way brands and people interact.

We know this is only possible through greater understanding, and we are passionately curious.

Our clients repeatedly hire us because we bring them closer to the consumers they are trying to reach, by creatively applying new thinking, and leveraging scalable technologies.

We empower our clients with the ability to take action, and never leave them searching for what the insights “suggest” they should do next.

Our Insights & Intelligence team is dedicated to being the global leader in teen and young-adult research by utilizing our empathic approach – not only studying the segments, but by living and breathing in the environments ourselves.

Do you have a question or need that could potentially fit our expertise?
Send us an email, visit our Facebook page, or give us a call – listening is our specialty.

“The best thing about the team at SPYCH is that every time I pick up the phone, I know that someone smart, passionate, and conscientious will answer it.  They’re a truly gifted group of researchers, with built-in consumer empathy, demonstrable commitment to challenging the status quo, and – ultimately – laser focus on addressing our business objectives.  I’m a huge fan.”

Tiffany McNeilClient (Since 2012)

“I have worked for many years with different research companies all over the world. Working with SPYCH has been a unique experience and a refreshing one.  Their innovative approach to research and passion for what they do makes them  “best in class” specialists for the Gen Y/Millennial consumer unlike any other research firm in the industry today.”

Rebecca FoersterUS VP - Rio Tinto Diamonds

“For us, it’s that we can trust you. We trust that you’re going to be able to handle the newer platforms for testing, we trust that you care about the final deliverables, we trust that you are innately inquisitive and truly want to know the answers just as badly as we do. “Everyone” is full-service, “everyone” is global, “everyone” is doing custom research. You stand out because you’re enthusiastic about what you do, and you’re doing the job as if you owned the company you’re doing the research for.”

Kim CasonClient (Since 2010)

“SPYCH is a reliable, trusted resource for us. The company’s depth and mastery  in digital and social media research and applied strategies, and by extension, brand enhancement and increased revenues is unparalleled. SPYCH is fun to work with and they helped us to reduce our advertising budget significantly while guiding us to achieve outstanding results.”

David WoodCulinaire - SVP - Sales and Marketing

“SPYCH’s style, reporting and analytics stand out from the crowd. During the process, their flexible style and strong research knowledge allows them to extract relevant and actionable insights from challenging groups and help their clients address unique business problems. They understand how to tailor their reports to multiple clients, the researchers who need the details and the senior team that need an easily accessible high level, engaging synopsis. They are an easy recommendation to give to any business looking for a research partner.”

SPYCH Client (Since 2012)

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